State and local health officials moved 23 residents from Carter Place over the weekend due to a coronavirus outbreak at the Blair assisted living facility.

Four additional cases of COVID-19 linked to the facility were also identified.

A Washington County resident — a woman in her 90s — tested positive for COVID-19 on Sunday. She is self-isolating at home. She is the ninth confirmed case in the county.

"As expected, this case is related to the Carter Place outbreak and has been identified through a contact investigation,” Three Rivers Executive Director Terra Uhing said.

On Saturday, two women and a man in their 80s — all residents at Carter Place — tested positive.

All Carter Place residents and staff were tested Sunday by Three Rivers Public Health Department staff. Those results were expected in 48 hours.

As part of the investigation, it was found that several health care workers and patients have tested positive for COVID-19 at Carter Place, an assisted living facility in Blair.

On Wednesday, a press release from Three Rivers Health Department indicated that the facility was aggressively responding the situation and is working with local and state health officials to ensure the safety and care of all residents.

As part of those efforts the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Three Rivers and Carter Place staff determined that the best course of action in light of recent developments was to move residents out of the facility temporarily, the release said.

Several residents were moved Saturday by ambulances, while others were seen leaving the facility by vans Sunday.

In a statement from an Enlivant spokesperson, the company that owns Carter Place said they were taking additional steps at Carter Place in response to COVID-19.

“As of (Sunday), we have five confirmed resident and three confirmed employee cases; with one test that came back negative. All residents have been tested and were transferred to other medical facilities and are no longer in the building,” the statement said. “The safety and health of our residents continues to be the highest priority, and we would like to thank the health department for their invaluable partnership during this very difficult time.”

Residents who tested positive will be in self-isolation at other healthcare facilities and residents who are considered to have been exposed but remain asymptomatic will also self-quarantine at another healthcare facility. Staff who tested positive for COVID-19 are self-isolating.

A number of neighboring health care facilities and hospitals are assisting with this coordinated effort. While Carter Place is empty, a complete deep cleaning to disinfect the facility will occur.

Contact investigations are underway to identify people who came into close contact to help prevent further spread. All identified close contacts will self-quarantine and be actively monitored twice daily by public health officials for fever and respiratory symptoms.

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