The Arlington Athletic Booster Club honored Eagles who competed in fall and winter high school sports Tuesday, presenting their annual awards in a unique gathering.

While normally presented at a formal banquet, the Club announced its 2019-20 awards in an informal setting — a private residence's driveway. Each athlete and their family picked a square on the concrete, keeping social distance from their peers. Parents also presented each medal.

Junior Josh Miller was the big winner, receiving athlete of the year awards in two Arlington High School sports — football and wrestling. Sarah Theiler will move to Doane University as the booster club's softball player of the year, while future Iowa Western Community College golfer Samantha Doughty earned her sports' honor.

Noah Kubat, a future Nebraska Wesleyan runner, and Elizabeth Morrison earned top billing as cross-country athletes, while Addie Schiemann and Josh Iossi received recognition for their efforts on the Fremont-Arlington swim team. Lauren Clapper was the volleyball team's honored representative.

Jaidyn Spoon and Aiden Foreman, meanwhile, were the booster club's picks for basketball — the last sport to take place before coronavirus concerns eliminated the spring sports season.

Booster Club President Emily Smith capped the evening's awards with the announcement of booster of the year. Cherl Mues was the honoree after years of service to the AHS athletic community. She and her husband, Brandon Mues, who coached the wrestling program 17 years, are relocating soon to move closer to family in southwest Nebraska.

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