Amy Pokorny

Amy Pokorny

A Blair woman who admitted to stealing and cashing lottery tickets from a gas station where she was an employee was sentenced to probation Tuesday in Washington County District Court.

Amy M. Pokorny, 36, pleaded guilty Feb. 12 to theft by unlawful taking, more than $5,000, a Class 2A felony.

Judge John E. Samson sentenced Pokorny to five years probation. He also ordered she pay $10,800 in restitution.

Samson said it's not often that he doesn't give a jail sentence for that level of felony. However, he noted that Pokorny was using the proceeds from the stolen lottery tickets to pay bills.

“I can't condone committing felonies to get those things done, but I understand your desperation,” he said.

Pokorny was arrested after an investigation by the Nebraska Department of Revenue.

According to an arrest affidavit, Nebraska instant lottery tickets were reported missing Sept. 12 from inventory at a gas station in the 400 block of South 19th Street.

Surveillance video showed Pokorny taking full packs of tickets and claiming them without paying.

During an interview with the investigator, Pokorny admitted to taking 36 packs of lottery tickets, worth $10,800, and claiming the winnings without paying.

Pokorny had no criminal record prior to this conviction.

Prior to sentencing, Pokorny turned to her former boss and apologized.

“I'm so sorry for letting you down,” she said.

She also apologized to her children.

“I promise to be a better role model,” she said.

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