Blair pool

The Blair Municipal Pool was scheduled to open June 5. City Administrator Rod Storm said it's unlikely it will open in June at all due to coronavirus restrictions.

The Blair Municipal Pool will not likely open in June due to coronavirus restrictions, according to City Administrator Rod Storm.

The pool was scheduled to open June 5.

Storm said the city is waiting for further guidance from Gov. Pete Ricketts before making a determination of when or even if the pool will open for the summer. As of now, the pool would have to abide by the strict 10-person social gathering guideline.

In his daily press conference Tuesday, Ricketts said he knows the issue is a concern for cities and villages.

“We are working on that so I would just say stay tuned for that. We will have some more information on that as we get closer to the end of the month,” he said.

During the April 14 Blair City Council meeting, Storm said the pool, which is managed by the Blair Family YMCA, could open as late as July 15.

“Once we hear what (the governor) is recommending we will work with the YMCA to make a decision for Blair,” Storm said in an email to the Enterprise.

Arlington pool

The Arlington Pool remains empty as decisions are made in the midst of the coronavirus.

The Arlington Village Board of Trustees tabled a decision Monday on opening the village's pool until next month's meeting.

Pool manager Merrit Gilmore told the board that she and her staff are willing to do whatever is needed in order to open the pool this year.

"There's nothing for kids to do," she said. "If we can't open, I ask the board to look into other things to do."

Gilmore suggested organizing a signup sheet for blocks of time to maintain the strict 10-person social gathering limit currently in place, possibly in one hour increments.

"We will figure it out to try and be as fair with everyone," she said. "Some parents are willing to do whatever we need to do if there's a signup sheet."

Chairman Paul Krause suggested the board waits until the number gathered reaches 25 or more.

"If something changes before then, the pool committee can decide about filling the pool," Krause said.

Krause said the lifeguards and seasonal employees are able to file for unemployment.

"That may be an option for (Arlington lifeguards)," he said. "They're already losing a month of income."

Gilmore and Streets and Parks Commissioner Jon Rosenthal said it takes about two weeks to fill the pool and get the chemicals balanced.

"We are going to wait and see until the next board meeting whether or not to open it," Krause said. "We didn't feel like opening for a 10-person limit was a good idea. I cannot imagine the headaches that would come from managing it."

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