It hasn't been hard to notice the increased flow of traffic moving through downtown Blair since flooding along the Missouri River closed Interstate 29 in Iowa from Loveland to Crescent.

Thousands of vehicles have motored their way through on the four major highways — U.S. 30, U.S 75 and state highways 91 and 133 — that intersect the city. Traffic in downtown Blair is often backed up for several blocks during peak traveling times.

What may not be as easy to notice is the traffic enforcement Blair police officers have done to try to ensure Blair's streets remain safe for drivers, pedestrians and residents.

Some have been quick to blame the police or complain on social media that nothing has been done stop speeders, red light runners and distracted drivers.

However, the Blair Police Department's weekly activity summary would say otherwise.

In the most recent report, from Sept. 25-30, officers cited 20 drivers for speeding — most of which were along Washington Street. They have also cited three drivers for disobeying traffic signals and two semi truck drivers for using an engine brake within city limits.

Capt. Aaron Barrow told the Enterprise that BPD is in the process of working on a schedule to help increase the number of officers they can dedicate to solely working traffic in downtown Blair.

While BPD has stepped up its enforcement, in that same time period, officers responded to five traffic accidents — two of which resulted in injuries.

Safety on the streets is not solely the responsibility of law enforcement. Drivers need to pay attention, slow down and put down the cell phones. Use caution and have patience when making your way through the city.

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