The Blair wrestling team finished sixth Saturday during the Class B State Dual Championships at the Buffalo County Fairgrounds in Kearney.

The Bears fell to Pierce in the first round of the eight-team tournament, rebounded with a win against Adams Central and then lost their fifth-place match to Central City, 39-30.

For the full story on the state dual tournament and more photos, check out Tuesday's Washington County Pilot-Tribune or come back to that same day.


Fifth-Place Match

Central City 39, Blair 30

120 pounds — Brandon Fye (Central City) over Shay Bailey (Blair), Fall 3:11

126: Dyson Kunz (CC) over Tyler Curtis (B), Fall 0:21

132: Brody Karls (B) over Johnny Scarlett (CC), Fall 1:36

138: Hank Frost (B) over Kane VonBonn (CC), Dec 7-1

145: Tanner Schneiderheinz (CC) over Dylan Berg (B), Dec 5-3

152: Bryce Sutton (CC) over Duncan Loges (B), Dec 4-2

160: Sam Moore (CC) over Treyton Jones (B), Fall 3:18

170: Jaramie Elton (CC) over Yoan Camejo (B), Dec 3-0

182: Braden Hanson (B) over Micah Loy (CC), Fall 1:05

195: Dexter Larsen (B) over Kyle Dittmer (CC), Fall 0:33

220: Lance Hume (B) over Nik Erickson (CC), Fall 0:41

285: Brady Soukup (B) over Gunner Bailey (CC), Dec 5-2

106: Drew Garfield (CC) over Luke Frost (B), Fall 2:40

113: Cole Kunz (CC) over Jesse Loges (B), Fall 4:25

Consolation Semifinals

Blair 40, Adams Central 22

113 pounds — Braiden Kort (Adams Central) over Luke Frost (Blair), Fall 0:58

120: Devon Ackles (AC) over Shay Bailey (B), Fall 2:26

126: Tyler Curtis (B) over Konnor Howard (AC), Fall 4:38

132: Brody Karls (B) over Kayleb Saurer (AC), Dec 6-5

138: Hank Frost (B) over Cameron Kort (AC), SV-1 2-0

145: Dylan Berg (B) over Jeret Frerichs (AC), Fall 5:29

152: Jackson Johnson (AC) over Duncan Loges (B), UTB 3-2

160: Treyton Jones (B) over Blake Bonifas (AC), Fall 1:59

170: Oaklyn Smith (AC) over Yoan Camejo (B), Dec 8-4

182: Braden Hanson (B) over Wyatt Janssen (AC), Fall 1:50

195: Dexter Larsen (B) over Sam Hemberger (AC), Maj 16-5

220: Lance Hume (B) over Jacob Deckert (AC), Dec 4-3

285: Brady Soukup (B) over Tyler Pavelka (AC), UTB 4-3

106: Tristen Obermiller (AC) over Jesse Loges (B), Maj 13-5


Pierce 36, Blair 35

106 pounds: Luke Frost (Blair) over Unknown (Unattached), Forf

113: Brock Bolling (Pierce) over Jesse Loges (B), Fall 3:03

120: Jayden Coulter (P) over Shay Bailey (B), Fall 1:13

126: Tyler Curtis (B) over Blake Bolling (P), Maj 18-7

132: Brody Karls (B) over Carter Jensen (P), Dec 4-3

138: Hank Frost (B) over Jeremiah Kruntorad (P), Maj 8-0

145: Michael Kruntorad (P) over Dylan Berg (B), Fall 2:27

152: Ashton Schweitzer (P) over Duncan Loges (B), Dec 1-0

160: Zander Schweitzer (P) over Treyton Jones (B), TF 18-3

170: Brett Tinker (P) over Yoan Camejo (B), Fall 5:42

182: Braden Hanson (B) over Tavin Koehler (P), Fall 0:22

195: Dexter Larsen (B) over Travis Jensen (P), Fall 0:55

220: Dylan Kuehler (P) over Lance Hume (B), Maj 13-4

285: Brady Soukup (B) over Unknown (Unattached), Forf


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