The Blair High School summer volleyball camp was a little bit different from what the soon-to-be freshmen were used to Tuesday afternoon.

“I'm not just working with my grade anymore,” Grace Wibbels said at the start of the high school session. The youngest groups had already run through drills and games earlier in the day. “I'm working with all of the other grades.”

Freshmen through seniors worked with the high school staff this week, developing their skills, but also becoming acquainted with one another.

“It's a hard adjustment, but, I feel, once I get used to it, I'll be pretty good,” Wibbels said.

Junior Emma Cada was forced to watch from the sidelines as she recovers from a severely sprained ankle and two partially detached ligaments. She expects to be back for the fall volleyball season in the future, but knows from experience what the freshmen Bears are going through. Two seasons ago, she played serious time as a ninth-grader on the varsity squad.

“Yeah, (the camp) develops your skill and whatnot, but, more than anything, it gives you a chance to meet your team,” Cada said. “You're going to spend the whole season with these people.”

The upperclassmen, she said, hope to make it an easy transition for the girls new to the BHS team.

“I think all of us juniors and seniors are trying to have a leadership role, while, genuinely, still making friends with these people,” Cada said. “But its really fun to be meeting them and being, like, 'Yeah, you're apart of this now.'”

Another freshman new to the high school camp was Schuyler Roewert. It was a fresh experience for the confident athlete.

“For the other camps, I'm usually the oldest, so I'm, like, the leader,” Roewert said. “But, here, it's more like I'm learning from the older people.”

That fact, she said, was something to get used to, but not in a bad way.

“I usually like being in charge, but this is a great group of girls,” Roewert said. “It's fun.”

Come August, the Blair volleyball players will reconvene for official practices in preparation for the the 2019 season. Coach Brandi Nicholson will be in her second season as head coach with a crew of freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors hoping for continued improvement on the court.

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