Eagle Scouts

Blair High School student athlete Sam Lueders celebrated his Eagle Scout Court of Honor on Aug. 4. Lueders, second from right, was joined by Troop 143's Jarod Jones, from left, Tristan Clausen and Eagle Scout David McBride.

Soon-to-be Blair High School senior Sam Lueders finished his junior season second in Class B cross-country and could have, had it not been for injury, finished just as high at state track.

But Lueders is about much more than that.

The Bear recently had his Eagle Courts of Honor ceremony, celebrating his rank at the highest level of the Boy Scouts of America — Eagle Scout.

“I just like to get outside,” Lueders said, explaining his motivations to reach such high levels in Scouts as well as in prep running. In Troop 143, he's enjoyed camping, helping others and helping out his fellow Scouts.

For his Eagle Scout project, which was completed a few years ago, Lueders built new backstops for Wederquist and Eagle Fields at the Blair Youth Sports Complex. He also fixed the Hardy Field backstop. Power drills and saws were the tools of choice.

Amy Lueders, Sam's mother, said Blair Little League President Chris Boswell collaborated with her son on the project. The new Eagle Scout said he chose the Little League project because of his own playing days before he focused on cross-country and track.

How good was Lueders at baseball?

“I would say I was pretty … OK,” he said.

Lueders started in his Boy Scout Troop as a sixth-grader. On Monday, he started his senior season of cross-country running.

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