Blair Community Schools

Blair Community Schools administrators and classified staff will receive raises for the 2020-21 school year.

The board approved up to $35,000 for the increase of certified administrator total compensation, including wages and benefits, and $65,000 for classified staff. The increases will be allocated by Supt. Randy Gilson.

The approval of raises for classified staff was unanimous. The raises for administrators was not, however. Board member Bob Schoby voted against it, saying he thought $35,000 was too much as there are two new administrators starting next school year.

“Their salaries are already set,” he said. “They wouldn't be getting a raise on top of this salary that they've already agreed to on their contracts, so why would they be included in that number with the salary increase?”

Gilson said the total increase per administrator on average is 2 percent and the package increase is 2.8 percent.

“I'm just saying that $35,000 number just doesn't add up when you have brand new administrators who already have a number on their contract,” Schoby said.

BCS Business Manager Tom Shearer said the increase would be closer to $25,000.

New teachers, administrator hired

The board approved the hiring of three new teachers and one administrator.

• Charlee Potadle, 9-12 English.

• Yongmi (Christina) Argo, eighth grade science.

• Kori Archbold, K-12 music at North and South primary schools.

• Dan Hutsell, activities director/assistant principal. Hutsell had previously served as the 9-12 BHS vocal director.

Gilson said the district is still looking to hire a Spanish teacher.

Projects to be completed at South, BHS

The board approved bids for two projects listed on the district's capital forecast to be completed this summer.

The lockers at Blair High School will get a fresh coat of paint.

The board approved a bid of $10,800 from Electrostatic Painting by David Dowland and Company, LLC to paint the lockers a deep purple. It will be three weeks before the project will be completed.

The lockers still have the original paint from when they were installed in 1971.

A bid of $9,376 from Koneck Fence also was approved for the installation and supplies for fencing at South Primary School.

District receives Celebrate Trees grant

BCS received a $2,500 grant from the Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District to plant trees around the district.

The grant is part of the Celebrate Trees program and must be used for trees and planting only.

The trees will be purchased locally and the plantings will be completed by June 15.

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