The 29-member Arlington summer swim team started its season June 19 in North Bend.

The first of seven meets for the swimmers, ages 7-16, was highlighted by a second-place finish earned by the age 8 and younger kickboard relay team. Kellen Jensen, Abigail Schakat, Gemma Fullner and Derek Franzluebbers competed in that race.

Franzluebbers, Fullner and Jensen teamed up with Everett Jensen to also finish third in the innertube relay in North Bend.

The Arlington swimmers will prepare for future meets with Monday through Friday practices at the Arlington Swimming Pool. Future meets include those in West Point, Tekamah, Blair and Dodge. Coaches for the team are Jerusha Franzluebbers, and Jennifer and Addie Schiemann.

Here are additional Arlington results from the first meet:

Backstroke/breaststroke relay: Ages 8 and younger: 4, Emily Beam, Stellah Williams, Allisen Larsen, Abigail Schakat. Ages 11-12: 4, Jack Blake, John Morrison, Dallin Franzluebbers and Riley Fisher.

Medley relay: 8U: 4, Kellen Jensen, Everett Jensen, Stella Stratman and Derek Franzluebbers.

11-12: 5, Dallin Franzluebbers, Riley Fisher, Colton Gilmore and Dathan Hansen.

Free relay: 8U: 4, Derek Franzluebbers, Everett Jensen, Kellen Jensen and Emily Beam. 5, Abigail Schakat, Gemma Fullner, Stella Stratman and Allisen Larsen. 11-12: 4, Colton Gilmore, Jack Blake, Dallin Franzluebbers and Dathan Hansen.

Innertube relay: 8U: 4, Emily Beam, Allisen Larsen, Abigail Schakat and Stella Stratman. 9-10: 4, Brantley Fullner, Gemma Fullner, Kami Spilinek and Leah Franzluebbers.

Kickboard relay: 8U: 4, Allisen Larsen, Stella Stratman, Stellah Williams and Emily Beam.

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