Teacher to retire after 38 years

The board accepted the resignation of Steve Johnson for retirement after 38 years at Arlington Public Schools.

"I have been fortunate to have spent the last 38 years and all of my educational career at Arlington Public Schools,” Johnson said in a letter to the board. “Thank you for the opportunity to serve the district as a coach and teacher. In retirement, I am looking forward to spending more time with my wife and family."

Johnson's wife, Lynn, retired last year after 31 years with the district, the last 10 as superintendent.

"He's thanking us, but it's us who should be thanking him," Lewis said as she read the letter.

Board elects president, vice president

Matt O'Daniel was re-elected as president, Shanon Willmott as vice president and Jenny Hansen will remain as recording secretary.

"I am happy to serve again. I really enjoy working with this group of people,” O'Daniel said. Committee assignments remained the same.Curriculum/American civics is chaired by Willmott, building andgrounds by Bruce Scheer, finance by O'Daniel and negotiations by O'Daniel. Appointed representatives for St. Paul's Lutheran liaison are Bruce Scheer and Jessica Scheer, as well as Supt. Dawn Lewis.

Students improving in math

High School Principal Aaron Pfingsten pointed out the marked improvements in math for those students receiving interventions. Students in seventh grade gained an average of more than eight points on their winter MAP assessment, while eighth-graders gained more than six points.

Addressing class sizes

Elementary class sizes continue to increase. Principal Jacqueline Morgan and Lewis asked the board about having a specific policy to deal with deciding if a class needs to be added.

O'Daniel said he believed it was ultimately at the discretion of the principals and superintendent, giving latitude to develop the policy before bringing it to the board.

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