An illustration of coronaviruses morphology created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Arlington Public Schools alerted the public Tuesday of a possible exposure to COVID-19 at the high school graduation in July, though it has been unfounded.

Supt. Dawn Lewis said she was in contact with someone who posted information in a public Facebook group July 25 indicating there was COVID-19 exposure at the graduation, but the person didn't have firsthand knowledge. Arlington graduation was July 19.

"The health department has not called us or anything for contact tracing purposes, and it has been more than two weeks now," Lewis said. "I'm going to operate under the assumption it was a false lead."

In a post on the district's Facebook page, Lewis acknowledged the possible exposure.

"Arlington Family, it has been brought to our attention that someone may have attended our graduation ceremony who knowingly had COVID-19. We have attempted to confirm the identity of this possible individual, but have no solid information. Graduation was held on July 19. If you have concerns, please talk with your healthcare provider and/or get tested at a test Nebraska site," the post said.

Terra Uhing, executive director of Three Rivers Public Health Department, said if there would be anything that warranted looking into the health department would do just that.

"We don't have anything to say on it yet," she said. "If we were going to issue anything that people need to know, it would be done in a press release. I don't know any specific information."

Uhing said she hasn't been able to talk to her team yet on the issue.

"Unfortunately, there have been some people who aren't doing the right thing," she said.

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