What makes Arlington unique enough to deserve an HGTV “Hometown Takeover?”

Residents came together to highlight a few things that make Arlington the place it is and apply for an overhaul of the town for the show's 2021 season.

Cheryl Abbott, senior center manager, saw an advertisement, and got permission to start a committee and apply for the takeover. Jenny Hansen, district business manager at Arlington Public Schools, also saw the advertisement and worked with Abbott to coordinate the project.

Hansen said she and her family love Arlington and hope to eventually retire there.

"It is a fantastic community," she said. " I love the downtown but I think it could use work and maybe the people who have these buildings don't have the means to fix them."

The committee had to submit five photos, one video and an introduction letter for the application. Scott Parson, AHS yearbook/multi-media technology support specialist, used his drone for footage and helped shoot and edit the video.

"HGTV wanted to see towns with historic buildings and architecture and interview the people in town," Abbott said.

Abbott said they focused on the community closeness.

"All of us learned so much how one little idea can make such a huge impact," she said. "So even if we don't get nominated, we now know we could put together a community committee to work on improvement issues."

Abbott said everyone was on the same page.

"It was a great experience," she said. "Now I know people who I didn't know very well or not at all."

The video they submitted highlights the buildings in downtown Arlington with information on their history. It also features many members of the community, including longtime resident Janet Warner and tells the story of the needs of the Eddie family. Roots to Wings also is featured.

"We all agreed on helping someone in the community, making things easier for a nonprofit and overall community bonding," Abbott said.

The video also features information and past footage of how Arlington handled the March flood.

"We did think the flood was an important thing," Abbott said. "It was everyone trying to find something to do to help with donations of all kinds. Everybody chipped in. We wanted the video to show how super-happy and how when something goes wrong everyone is on board."


Arlington's video application for HGTV's “Hometown Takeover” was posted to YouTube. Watch it here: bit.ly/2HfDxec

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