Jaycoby Remembrance Stand

A semi truck passes as adults and children gather near the intersection of 19th and Washington streets Friday morning to remember Jaycoby Estrada and promote safer driving.

Amid honks of support were concerns for Blair resident Peggy Johnson.

"It looks more like an interstate," she said.

Johnson and about 15 adults and children stood at a corner of 19th and Washington streets Friday morning wearing blue shirts to remember Jaycoby Estrada,11, who died Aug. 23 after being struck by a semi while riding his bicycle across the intersection.

Blair resident Jill Tompkins helped organize the Jaycoby Remembrance Stand. She said she wanted to remember Jaycoby while also bringing awareness to safety and traffic issues at the intersection.

"There's a lot of people turning into the sun and not using their sun visor," Tompkins said, watching traffic. "Be more cautious, be more aware."

While the stand aimed to remember Jaycoby and bring awareness to the intersection's traffic, Tompkins said she knows there's other families in the Omaha metro area who have experienced tragedy.

A 10-year-old girl was killed while walking across the street in Papillion the same week as Jaycoby. Two other children in Plattsmouth and Gretna were hit by cars walking to and from school that week as well, though they were not seriously injured.

"It's not just Jaycoby," Tompkins said.

Johnson said she lives near 19th and Washington streets and consistently hears traffic noise from her home.

"Just within the time we've been here, how many trucks that we've seen," she said. "It's not a safe intersection."

In the nearly 20 minutes the Enterprise was at the corner a steady flow of cars, pickups and semi's drove through. A car and two semis were seen turning left onto Washington Street from 19th Street through yellow and red lights.

"They should not be able to go in the middle and stop," Johnson said. "Just be aware. Maybe slow down a little bit."

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