Dear editor,

I read the article regarding the embezzlement charge and punishment for the (former Fort Calhoun) postmaster (Aug. 6 Pilot-Tribune). It truly is a sad situation, but the reality is that this man will very likely get his job back after all this is over; I've seen it before.

As a postal employee, I am appalled at the amount of waste through theft of this type with no substantive punishment. Letter carriers are involved in this also through setting up the delivery order of their routes for the sole purpose of reducing the amount of deliveries possible during their eight-hour shift. There are also the employees with such a poor attendance record and a management that does nothing to discourage these poor work ethics.

You won't see these last two situations in the newspaper, but they are just as harmful to the bottom line of our business as what the (Fort Calhoun) postmaster was guilty of.

Steve Hopple


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