Dear editor,

Once again, kudos to the county road guys. There was a plow truck on my road (County Road P38) by 5 a.m. (Jan. 22). They go out in all weather, dangerous or not, to get me to work.

I have sent them cookies, breakfast burritos and other things. I suggest you all do something for them. Send them coffee gift card, a plate of treats. Let them know they are appreciated every day for the work they do.

If you are in a ditch, they pull you out. If you are snowbound, they get you out. They give up time with their families and other things to make sure we are safe. This is such an amazing thing they do.

Please know how much I appreciate all of you. Please, no matter what, stay safe while you are plowing all these roads. You guys are the best. Rollie Rick and the rest, thank you so much.

Wendy Keeler

Omaha, Washington County

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