Dear editor,

This is in regard to Vivian Kelley's letter to the editor in the Friday, April 24, Enterprise.

Our family lived in the Blair apartments at that time and my brother came down with scarlet fever. We were quarantined and our dad was at work. He could not come into the apartment, but he could pass things through the window to our mom.

My mother was only allowed to hang clothes or take out trash in the evening when others were not out. When it was all over, we had to burn all paperback books, comic books and stuffed animals.

The thing I found strange about the whole thing was the fact that none of the rest of us got it even though we were confined in such a small space.

When it was all over, we were treated differently and the people who had been driving us to school would not take us anymore. Those were strange times.

Barbara (Booton) Chrisman

Formerly of Blair, now Omaha

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