To the editor:

I feel that pets should not be allowed in businesses. I have a couple of thoughts in addition to the arguments presented in Point-Counterpoint.

Yes, service animals should be allowed where their owners go. In most cases, those animals are given extensive training, including how to behave in social situations. With pets, however, training can be vary greatly. 

There are people who are apprehensive around pets, including myself. Animals can sense apprehension, which can change how they act. And if their owner is busy shopping, a situation might evolve quicker than they can get their pet under control. If I were to enter an aisle in a store and found a pet there, I would immediately skip that aisle, and avoid the pet's area for the rest of my shopping trip, or leave the store to find another place to shop, and my stress would be increased. The same would be true for other types of businesses. So while pets may be therapeutic for many people, they are not good for all.

Please leave your pets at home where they will be safest.

Thanks for hearing my arguments,

Wanda Holzer


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