Dear editor,

It happened on a beautiful spring evening, May 2, 2020, in Blair, Neb. My daughter called me on the phone and asked, “Mom, would you like to see what is going on uptown?” I answered, “Of course! Just let me get my shoes on!”

Off we went to participate in two full hours of Cruise Night in downtown Blair. As we drove east on Washington Street, it was a thrill to see so many vintage cars and then to pass under our beautiful American flag flying over 16th and Washington streets. The sidewalks were lined with people viewing and giving cheers of approval. The cruising route followed Highway 30 from Family Fare to the roundabout south of town and back again over and over. (I was told 1,500 individuals and autos responded to the notice on Facebook.)

A great variety of makes and models of cars and trucks were in orderly motion, station wagons, Munster cars, high tech cars and motorcycles. Even Santa Claus made it in his vivid red suit plus helmet, riding on his summer mode of transportation, a beautiful, shiny and black motorcycle!

It was well planned for traffic flow. The parade participants were to use the outside lanes, leaving the inside lanes for through traffic. It was low cost, with no entrance fee and no ticket fee. The overall atmosphere was jovial, appreciative and happy. It was a special time of release after weeks being restricted to home because of the coronavirus.

For me, it was a most positive memory of the 2020 pandemic. Thank you to all who made it take place. We have much to be proud of, much to be thankful for.

Betty J. Heinssen


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