Traffic in downtown Blair is a common complaint among residents.

Too many trucks, speeders and red light runners are often at the center of those complaints. Law enforcement is doing their best to combat these issues, but some added technology could help.

The addition of cameras at some of the city's problem intersections along Washington Street, including 19th, 16th, 13th and 10th, could make drivers pump the brakes and think twice before running a light.

Photo enforced cameras are illegal in Nebraska. Some states use them, yet they are also mired in controversy.

But regular video cameras at those intersections could help police determine how they monitor the intersections during their patrols. The cameras could also help in investigations into accidents.

During the investigation into the crash that killed 11-year-old Jaycoby Estrada at 19th and Washington streets this summer, investigators had few witnesses come forward and only limited video from a nearby business. While police determined the crash was simply a tragic accident, cameras could have been an added assistance to the investigation.

If video cameras are not a possibility, LED Tattle Tale Lights could be installed on the traffic signals. These assist officers in apprehending red light violators. The light is attached to the back of a traffic signal and hard wired directly into the red light. With the Tattle Tale Light in place, an officer can park down the road from the intersection and still see when a violation occurs.

Any technology added to these intersections will likely need to come from the Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT). The NDOT regulates all traffic signals in Blair because they are on state or federal highways, according to Blair Public Works Director Al Schoemaker.

Though plans for a truck bypass to reduce traffic along Washington Street are in the works, this added technology could help reduce traffic violations sooner rather than later.

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