Shauna Gerke and Chris Clark

Shauna Gerke and Chris Clark

Hot summer days can lead to a dip in the pool, pond or lake.  Do you prefer the cool comfort of a swimming pool, or does a dip in a pond or lake float your boat?  Front Office Manager Shauna Gerke and Press Manger Chris Clark share their thoughts.

Gerke: I prefer a pool

Anyone who knows me knows I do not like hot, humid weather. I know, I live in the wrong state! It’s no surprise I enjoy finding relief from the dog days of summer as much as the next person.  An air conditioned space is nice, but sometimes fresh air is needed, too.  When a dip is just the ticket, I think the pool is the only way to go.

First, the thought of swimming with the fishes creeps me out.  I understand a fish pedicure was all the rage a few years ago, but the thought of fish or snakes or heaven knows what nibbling at my toes or knees or elbows makes me squirm.  My refusal to get into any body of water where I cannot see the bottom or see what is swimming with me is known by those close to me.  That refusal is also mocked by my so-called friends (just kidding!).  Seriously, who wants to wallow in the muck and mud?  Not this girl.  I’ll take a clear blue pool any day of the week.

Now, some people may think swimming in a pool with all the chemicals isn’t good for the skin or body either.   I suppose there is some merit to that argument, especially when people pay big money for the privilege to swim in natural springs, take mud baths and enjoy those fish pedicures I mentioned.   It can also be expensive to swim in a pool, whether you pay for a membership to some facility, or if you have one you have to chemically maintain at home, either of those options can be a drain on the wallet.  Swimming in a pond or lake, especially one owned by the city or state, can be a much more cost efficient choice.

No matter which option you prefer to cool off, one thing is for sure, make sure you use sunscreen and maybe a floatation device if you’ll be out enjoying the local swimming areas.  Safety first.

Clark: Take me to the lake

It’s getting that time to start hitting the water. Some people ask what’s better the lake or the pool. To me, it depends.

In my opinion, I would rather take a dip in a lake then a pool because that means we are likely camping, and that's the best thing ever.

Plus, with a backyard pool there are so many restrictions and ordinances, not to mention the cleaning and maintenance.

At a lake, you can either play on the beach and swim or, if you have access, you can get out on the boat and ski or whatever tickles your fancy. You can’t do that in any pool.

Some people complain that it’s dirty. Define dirty. No, you can’t see the bottom unless in shallow areas, but I think it is cleaner then some pools that I have been to and seen.

A lake is more fun because you get the waves and movement that you just don't get in a regular pool. Plus, there is always that one time that while you're floating there that you get to meet a new friend that comes up and gives you a little nibble to say, 'Hey what you doing?'

It’s all a preference, but like I said, it’s easier and cheaper to just load up and head out to the lakes for some good ol' family fun. You don’t know you just might end up liking it better then the pool that is flooded with kids and parents.

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