Elliott, Elizabeth

I am certain I’m not the only one who left 2019 behind with the hopes of a year filled with the perfect vision it has in its very name: 2020.

We are five months in to 2020 and I think my “glasses” must’ve been foggy.

Since the year began, people have spent more time apart than together, an invasion of  the coronavirus and now killer hornets are on the border.

A cursory look at the names of the movies to be released in 2020 is kind of telling — “Dolittle” (There seems there’s not a lot we can do anymore!) and “Snake Eyes” (If we seriously start anything with snakes I’m done). Not even Halloween is safe with the movie “Halloween Kills.”

There have been swarms of locusts in East Africa and South Asia, and while they are beautiful, there have been 150,000 pink flamingos taking over Mumbai, India.

Seriously? I hesitate to ask what more 2020 will bring. Don’t take that as a challenge!

I go from fear to faith and back again several times a day depending on the news I watch. Don’t even get me started with toilet paper. By any chance, does someone have a lead on where to get some?!

There has to be some meaning in this madness and there is. There are neighbors helping neighbors and strangers.

I’m going to fix my glasses and find the good stuff of this year so far.

I will start with a list of good things and I ask others to please email me their good things. It will help us all remember that it’s not all bad.

• It’s already (finally!) May. We are closer to 2021 and it has to be better.

• I saw a hummingbird outside my window the other day and it’s the first time I’ve had one so close to my space. I’ve only ever seen them in a friend’s garden.

• The weather has allowed for time to walk through neighborhoods.

• I’ve witnessed parades of people greeting neighbors for birthday wishes, cheering them on from afar. • You can feel the love across the miles.

• Cruise night. So much fun and probably more cars than I’ve seen since I moved here in November.

• Restaurants have been available for take out. That in itself is great for me who cooks very little! I’ve been able to try restaurants I never had the chance to try and support.

• Time in quarantine has led to more creative endeavors — I’ve gone back to more creative writing and coloring picture pages and even recorded a video playing the flute. I've seen people all over the internet share their artistic talents.

• We are learning what's important to us.

• We are strong.

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