Shauna Gerke and Chris Rhoades

Shauna Gerke and Chris Rhoades

As we continue to adapt our daily lives dues to COVID-19, there’s almost no doubt that someday we will all be able to return to what we have come to know as “normal.” With that thought in mind, there are many things to look forward to. Once the pandemic has passed, what events or activities are you most looking forward to? Associate Publisher Chris Rhoades and Front Office Manager Shauna Gerke give their take.

Rhoades: Curveball: It’s not sports

If anyone knows me or have read any of my work in the newspaper, you would expect my answer here to be sports. And, while that’s partly true, attending live sporting events isn’t necessarily what I’m most looking forward to when we get past this pandemic and get back to “normal.” For me, I want to go to a concert.

While I love attending sporting events, I can get quite a bit of enjoyment by watching those on television. In fact, there’s many individuals who prefer to watch on TV over attending in person. It’s more convenient, no drunken fans screaming in your ear, supremely cheaper, etc. So, if there’s college and/or pro sports happening, as long as I can watch, I’m a happy camper.

Concerts, on the other hand, are something that I’ve just never gotten in to watching online or on television. It just pales in comparison to actually be in in a venue watching it live. You really can’t replicate being at a great live concert, no matter how hard you try.

For me, I like all of the experiences surrounding the actual concert as well. Going out to a pre-show dinner, where there’s a distinct buzz in the air from all of the excited fans tuning up to watch one of their favorite artists. I love heading into a show to watch the opening acts, and maybe being pleasantly surprised by someone I’ve previously never even heard of. Dancing and singing along with 10,000-plus other people is an amazing experience as well, and one that you just can’t replicate. Add to this the post-concert festivities at your favorite watering hole, and you’ve had a pretty terrific night.

So, while I want to attend sporting events as much as anyone, I think what I am really most looking forward to is a great concert.

Gerke: Fast food, no masks and movies, please

I was sitting in the drive-through with my husband Tuesday night and we started chuckling at the process employees and customers alike had to go through to pay for and receive their food items.  Don’t get me wrong, I understand the need for the process, it was the execution we were having a hard time with.  As you may have experienced, if you’ve been through a drive-through lately, some places ask you to put your payment in a plastic bin or bucket.  The workers then take that payment out of the bin and hand back your change (in the same bin), most likely from the person in the car in front of you.  Then, as we witnessed last night, the food items are handed out to you in a different bin, all of which ends up being at a very awkward angle, so you’re touching the bins that a bunch of other people had also touched and that your food was in.  As I said, the execution didn’t seem as sanitary as it was intended.  During this whole event, I thought, that’s one thing I’m looking forward to getting back to normal when the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

I would guess there are several things you’re also looking forward to “getting back to normal” when it is deemed safe.  Side note, I don’t think that will happen any time soon and that this virus will stick with us like the flu does now.  But I digress. 

When things get back to normal I’m also looking forward to not wearing a mask in the store.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel slightly panicky every time I have to put a mask on.  I’m sure it’s the feeling of confinement, and I know I’m not alone in this feeling. 

Another thing I look forward to is having the option to go out to a movie.   Anyone who has read my opinions in the past knows I’m not a big fan of crowds, but when I can’t do something, it makes me want to do it.  Psychology is interesting, isn’t it?

I feel very fortunate that my routine hasn’t changed much during the pandemic.  For many, that isn’t the case, and I’m sure they would like some normalcy back in their lives as well.  What are some of the things you’re looking forward to once we get the all clear?

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