Chris Rhoades

Chris Rhoades

I think I’m to the point where I’d prefer athletes to leave God out of their postgame speeches and interviews. Not that I’m against religion or what anyone believes, but I just think it really sends a weird message. When a player is asked how they made the big play to win the game, they often answer with something about God. Are they implying that God didn’t want the other team to win? I just feel like I have a problem with this idea that God is out there picking sides in the NFL playoff games. #GodTalk

If we are going to thank God, at least be respectful. I briefly watched the high school football All-American game. After committing to a school, a young recruit told the sideline reporter that “First, I’d like to give a shoutout to God.” Again, if you choose to go down that path, I think God deserves a bit more than shoutout or dap. #ShoutOutToMyHomieGod

Speaking of football, apparently one of the “skycams” that are now a normal part of many TV broadcasts fell on to the field during the Vikings playoff game last weekend. It’s kind of amazing that a camera hasn’t fallen on a player or referee yet. I can’t imagine the firestorm that would ensue if it did, or, disrupted a live play on the field. #SkyCam

On a positive note, when it comes to broadcasting football on television, how amazing is it that we now have cameras in the end zone pylons? Doubling down on that, they now have a pylon camera on first down markers, too. I’ve seen some networks put cameras on the referees on the field as well. It really never ceases to amaze me the things that they continue to come up with in this area. And I love it. #PylonCam

College basketball courts are becoming ridiculous. And, yeah, I feel like an old man saying that. But, it’s getting out of control. TCU literally has a gray court, as does Minnesota. It hurts your eyes, and makes you question if your television is broken and/or if you’ve had too much to drink that night. Memphis’ court is ocean blue and looks like something I used to create when I’d play video games back in the day. Maybe I’m a traditionalist, but let’s stick to the classic hardwood look, with a nice logo at center court and call it a day. #GetOffMyLawn

With as much basketball as I watch, I really shouldn’t be surprised when I witness something I’ve never seen before. But, this past weekend, I saw a parent threaten to sue the referees (and sponsoring club who was hosting the tournament) because his son was elbowed in the face and caused a possible (well, they thought it was definite) fracture. I saw the play. It sucked, but it was part of the game, nothing ill-willed. Watch the game, take care of your kid and stop looking like an idiot. #CalmDown

Happy New Year!

Chris Rhoades is the associate publisher of Enterprise Media Group.

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