Stores sell swimsuits in winter and some spend months trying to get their bodies to be swimsuit ready. The coronavirus pandemic made the potential for outdoor swimming uncertain. However, both Arlington and Blair pools are open now.

But would you go in the water or would you stay away? Assistant Editor Elizabeth Elliott and Sports Editor Grant Egger debate.

Elliott: I'll go for a dip

It's finally summer. The weather has been hot most days and it's the perfect time to work on that tan.

Seeing the outdoor pools filled and people jumping off the diving board has given me a sense that at least something is normal this year. Yes, there are restrictions in place. There are no waterproof face masks like those we have been donning over the past few months. Though, scuba gear may be a substitute?

I can't wait to get in the pool. I will find a time to dive in after the water warms up a tiny bit. I'm the one in my family that had to get in the water inch by inch because I refused to jump in to an icy water bath.

I also know that I will do my best to keep distance from others in the pool, maybe trying to swim at times when the crowds are less prominent, perhaps right after work.

As the summer goes on, it may be more difficult to get time at the pool, depending on how the Directed Health Measures by Gov. Pete Ricketts are shaped as the pandemic causes adjustments. The limit of 25 percent keeps the numbers low, which means no more than 125 people in the Blair pool at a time.

On the really hot days, it might be hard to find a balance with everyone interested in swimming, but if we work together on our schedules we can all enjoy time at the pool this summer.

Every winter, I think I will try for a perfect swimsuit body. Never happens. But I was especially less motivated earlier this year as it looked like no pools would open.

The pandemic is scary and it is a risk to be among crowds, but I'm happy that there is something a little normal in the midst of a scary time in our world. One swim at a time.

Egger: You won't be able to talk me into taking a dip

Per usual, I begin my point of view with a disclaimer.

I could care less about going to the pool. I'm not much of a swimmer, and I've always lost interest quickly when in or around one. I don't understand the appeal.

Pools just aren't for me, OK? If I had one in my backyard, it'd likely remain an empty hole in the ground.

And, listen, I'm sure this all sounds crazy to a lot of you, but, remember, there's also people who don't like ice cream. At least I'm not as bad as them, right?

So, this year more than any other, I feel justified in my skipping summer “pool days.” Coronavirus is a real thing no matter how many excuses and comparisons people want to make to downplay it. I, flat out, don't want it. Whether it would kill me or just tickle my throat, I don't care — I don't want it.

Yes, believe it or not, I say that while well aware that the chemicals in the water kill the germs at pools. I get it.

But I also don't care. I can still see people caged into a small wet space, while kids blow snot into their hands and or towels. That's been a constant in my 30 years on Earth, too.

Ultimately, though, these are just my opinions. In my life, I don't take unnecessary risks and somehow, some may, I manage to remain in a good mood the vast majority of time anyway.

I think its fine if you go to the pool this summer, too. Heck, I'll probably even be there once or twice to shoot photos for this newspaper (without getting anywhere close to “in,” obviously). So, go ahead, but don't go around teasing those of us who are playing this thing cautiously.

A lot of us so-called “snowflakes” just realize there are a million things to do in this world and about 999,000 of them don't require rubbing elbows with strangers who don't wash their hands.

But, remember, I'm just a guy who doesn't like pools in the first place.

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