Chris Rhoades

Chris Rhoades

I vow to make this my last column dedicated solely to the coronavirus pandemic. I’m also going to do something really crazy and talk about positive things (an audible gasp floods the room… because how dare someone be positive right now?!?!?).

If you’re the doom and gloom, the world is going to end, and we should all be Debbie Downer type, this might not be the article for you. My family is missing out on sports that we all love, our businesses have been impacted in a huge way and we’re all missing our friends and doing the things we love to do. But, while some might see those as negatives, what I see is this:

I took this downtime to start — and finish — projects around the house. This is especially great for me because I hate doing projects, and I’m about the least handy guy you’ll meet. But, I’ve taken my time and did a few cool things. I built a gym in our house and organized my garage in a way I’ve never thought possible.

My kids have learned how to workout on their own. When schedules are packed with team practices and training sessions, they become reliant on those. My kids are lifting weights, practicing agility and running like I’ve never seen them.

My wife and I have started a new tradition. We used to try to go out on a date most Friday nights when we could. To continue that, we have ordered takeout food from a new restaurant each week during the pandemic. It’s been a fun little thing that we’ve done, and we’re even making a ranking list of the food that we’ve tried from best to worst.

The businesses I’m involved with are showing tremendous adaptability. We’ve discovered new ways to do things, better ways to communicate and had a little more time to work on bigger picture or long-term strategic initiatives.

I’ve grilled out more often and have tried cooking some new recipes. I do fancy myself a pretty good cook, but haven’t had the time to experiment lately because of our busy schedules.

As weird as this might sound, I believe that we’ll be much healthier in general after this virus has passed. While some of the restrictions will eventually be lifted, I think we’re all more socially aware about spreading germs, washing hands, etc. I’ll be very interested to see the impacts of this years down the road.

This sounds lazy, but it’s been fun to actually watch TV or play video games again. With hectic schedules, it’s very tough to dig in to a TV series or documentary. I really don’t want it to become a habit, but it’s been fun watching some shows or movies that I’ve wanted to, but just haven’t had the time.

While this is purely anecdotal, I do feel like people, in general, have been more friendly the last 6-8 weeks. It seems like people realize we’re all affected by this, and that there’s bigger issues in the world than what might normally frustrate us.

Chris Rhoades is associate publisher of Enterprise Media Group.

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