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I've become a bit nostalgic lately.

This spring and early summer, I've witnessed many milestones, both personally and professionally.

From my nephews' college and high school graduations to the 150th anniversaries of the City of Blair, Village of Arlington and Enterprise Media Group, there's been plenty of "It seems like yesterday" moments.

I wouldn't describe myself as a history buff, (it's the one subject in school I wished I would have paid more attention in), but it is fun to look back now and then to see how life has changed, and in some cases, remained the same.

In the last four years, I've had the pleasure of experiencing and documenting 150th year milestones in four communities and each time, it's given me an appreciation of those people who came before me. I'm as guilty as anyone in my tendency to live in the present, doing my weekly tasks at work and home not thinking much about the people who paved the way for me to enjoy the experiences, amenities and way of life in the communities where I've lived and worked.

But, as I've experienced with each celebration, looking back and appreciating the past is vital and, frankly, a lot of fun.

When the staff at the Enterprise and Arlington Citizen began planning for the recently-published sections commemorating the 150th years for Blair, Arlington and our newspaper group, I'm not going to lie, I was a bit nervous about getting everything done on time and also doing the milestone justice.

But, like any good challenge, I let the adrenaline of a deadline take over as I thumbed through books of old newspapers, took photos of present-day city streets and attractions and, my favorite of all, visited with some of the people who were there to witness it all and others who are building for the future.

I also found myself thinking ahead to the day future journalists and editors who will be planning for the 200th year for Blair, Arlington and Enterprise Media Group. It's neat to think my work, and that of my co-workers, will be used to help future generations get a better understanding of what life was like in the 2000s. I'm sure, just as we all did, they'll laugh at some of the usual news, shed a tear when reading about bad things that happened and learn about the dedication of others.

I may not describe myself as a history buff, but sharing stories about the people, places, events and school, village and city proceedings with the our readers, and hopefully future generations, is an aspect of my role as a journalist and editor that I love and a contribution to history that I take seriously.

It is my hope that future generations will one day look back on what has transpired today and be inspired to continue to work hard to make Blair, Arlington and our newspaper group the best places they can be for years to come.

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