Chris Rhoades

Chris Rhoades

Rolling our clocks back an hour is a joy that I seem to enjoy more and more each year. It’s as if this free hour of time is just handed to you at no cost, and, you get it on a weekend! But, I will say, with so many of our clocks being changed automatically, it does kind of lose some of it’s fun. I always remember getting up, and trying to figure out if someone had already changed the clocks or not. Then, you had to play the game of “How do I change the time on this particular clock” about eight or nine times throughout the day. #FallBack

There are plenty of adults who partake in Halloween costume activities, whether it be at parties, or work, or both. For me, it’s really not my thing. I think it should be saved for the little tykes, but to each their own. Regardless, you have to admit, seeing an adult driving down the road on their way to work with in full costume just has to make you chuckle. #HappyHalloween

With a lot of laws being proposed, and the NCAA considering rule changes as well, there’s a very real possibility that college athletes might be able to be compensated for their likeness. I won’t dive in to the good and bad of this right now. But, I will say this, if college football video games come back, I might get so emotional that you’ll see tears. NCAA Football occupied so much of my time growing up, in college, and, yes, even after college. If that game comes back, it will smash each and every video game sales record this world as ever seen. #NCAAFOOTBALL

Let me preface this comment with the following: I am a Blair High School graduate. I root for the Bears. I have friends, family, and acquaintances on the team and coaching staff. So, this is more a comment on the NSAA and set up of high school sports. But, how does a 3-6 team qualify for any sort of state playoff? I understand there are some issues right now with the number of teams in each class, but if teams with 3-6 records are making the playoffs, maybe it’s time to lessen the number of teams who qualify each year? #GoBears

Recently, President Trump attended the World Series in Washington, D.C. At the game, there were obvious mixed reactions, including cheers, boos, and chants of “Lock Him Up.” I love the fact that we live in a country where you can voice your opinion freely. However, I fear we’re losing some of the respect for the office. Whether you love or hate a president, or any elected official, I think it’s important to show respect for the office in situations like that. If everyone wants to make a change to who is in charge, voting next November is the loudest voice you can have. #RespectTheOffice

Chris Rhoades is associate publisher of Enterprise Media Group.

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