Raise your hand if you need a vacation. We could all use a vacation from work, from the stress of everyday life and even this pandemic. 

Let's say things calm down in the pandemic world. If you feel safe enough, the question becomes how far will you travel on your first out-of-town trip. Will you go to the next state over, preferring to stay nice and close, or will you travel across the country and see more of the world? 

Sports Editor Grant Egger wants to stay closer to home while Assistant Editor Elizabeth Elliott wants to travel far and wide. Where will you go? 

Egger: I won't have far to go

The more I reveal about my personal life on this page of the paper, the less cool I feel.

I've only been to 12 states — which includes those I've driven through — in my 30 years on Earth. I know this because I filled out one of those online maps of the United States that clearly illustrates that fact.

To me, that doesn't seem like many. I feel like I'll be judged for saying so few, and for admitting I've only been on two planes — one to and back from Boston.

I say all that to say I will not have to go far for my next vacation when COVID-19 is no longer a talking point. Since I rarely take vacations in general, I don't feel the need to really go out there either.

Of the 12 states I've been to, just five are further away than the edges of Nebraska. So, if I'm limited to the next state over — which doesn't bother me at all — here's where I'll be going. I'd know because I've been there, done that, you know?

Missouri: A Kansas City Royals game. I realize that's not likely until next month, but I can wait.

Kansas: I'd like to explore Lawrence again, so a Jayhawk game may be in the cards.

Colorado: I used to hike all over the place when I was in Wyoming, so sign me up for some more of that in the Rocky Mountains.

Wyoming: This is a pretty bad choice, but I'll return to my former hometown of Gillette and see what's going on.

South Dakota: I've already been to the places I think you'd want to be in South Dakota, but I'd go ahead and make a return to an underrated city — Sioux Falls.

Iowa: Ames so at the very least I could avoid the most-concentrated areas of Hawkeye fans (no offense to those of you in yellow and black).

Now, I feel less cool than I have in awhile, but I do have a plan for when and if I take a quick weekend trip anywhere close.

Elliott: Travel far from home for a real vacation

I'm so ready for a vacation. Not just a day or a few hours but one that will take me more than a few hours away. I'm talking hotel, sightseeing, the works. As long as it's done safely, and states are lowering their coronavirus infection rates, why not see the world. Or at least states that are at least a 6-hour drive. Several people I've seen on Facebook in the last few weeks have traveled to Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. That sounds like a fun idea. It's a powerful site and even more impressive at night.  

I have been longing to go to Houston to see family and meet my nephew. I've been wanting to drive to the Minneapolis area to see a friend from college. I've even thought about trying to complete my list of lower 48 states visited, which would require me to travel much farther than a state away. I need to visit Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas. Another place I would love to travel to is Virginia to see friends that I haven't seen since I moved to Blair in November.

I think getting out of town and farther out of town than I have for a long time might help me feel more relaxed. I love seeing new places. Even seeing places I've been before is an opportunity to find another outlook. When I lived in Virginia and would take visitors to see the sights in Washington, D.C., I would find new things I had never seen before, even though I visited the same place several times. It helped that some of the museums were free and you didn't have limited time and money to take the whole thing in. 

One of these days I will be able to hit the road and indulge the huge tourist within.

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