Elliott, Elizabeth

People all over the world struggle with so many things. There are poverty, hunger and health crises, to name a few.

It is heartening, though, that people set up fundraisers to help. If you go to the website gofundme.com, you can find 76 examples of fundraisers involving Blair residents over the years. They raise various amounts of money, some reaching and other exceeding their goals. But whatever the amount, it shows that their fellow loved ones and even strangers care about the needs of their neighbors.

When people are struggling with illnesses or injuries people want to help in anyway they can. They might bring food to the families or offered to give rides to appointments. When I attended my first — the seventh annual Quarter Craze — I was impressed with the number of people who came together to support the cause and help those who are impacted with cancer. I was struck by the amount of people who were there to have fun but also recognize why they were there. Despite the seriousness of the disease, people seemed to have a lot of fun.

For me, I tend to respond more eagerly to fundraisers that have a bit of entertainment included, or food when schools get a percentage for my meal or an organization offers discounts and things as a way to raise funds.

Fundraisers are ways to get people together — strangers, friends and family alike. It’s heartening to see how many people care about each other especially in a day and age when politics seem to divide people down the middle. 

I think people may trust fundraising more when they are confident the money will actually go to the person or cause. Like with anything, there will be people who take advantage of situations and prey on the vulnerability of the person who needs help and the care of those who want to help, though they may keep the money or divert more of it than they say. 

It's hard when you want to do good things for people and there are a few bad seeds mixed in. Hopefully, those are few and far between and we can continue to raise funds for those in need in the future.

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