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As home theaters become more high-tech, thanks to big screen televisions and surround sound, and movie theaters becomes more home-like with reclining seats and cup holders, there's a debate on what is the better movie-watching experience. Do you prefer watching a movie at home or at the theater? Assistant Editor Teresa Hoffman and Sports Editor Grant Egger debate.

Hoffman: Movies best watched from my couch

I've never really been a big movie buff, but when I do decide that I want to watch a movie, I'm fine with putting a DVD into the player or scrolling through one of my streaming services, grabbing some snacks and crawling under the covers to enjoy it from home.

Sure, going to the movie theater is a nice treat now and then, but it has to be a movie I'm dying to see to get me to shell out what it cost these days for a ticket and concessions. Sure, I could forego the popcorn and soda pop if I'm worried about the cost, but that's part of the movie-going experience.

While there are some movies — action flicks to be specific — that are best watched in a movie theater, most of the ones I prefer don't require all the high-tech sound and large screen to enjoy.

Give me a good chick flick, drama or comedy and I'm good to watch from the comfort of my living room.

At home, I also don't have to worry about other movie-goers ruining my experience as they chatter away during the showing or if I'm going to miss a scene because if I've had too much soda pop or water to drink and need a quick break. For me, being able to pause — and even rewind a movie if I missed something — is the No. 1 advantage of watching a movie at home.

To those who argue that you have to wait too long to watch the latest movies at home, I say, I'm not one who is always up on the latest movies anyway, so it's all new — and much cheaper — to me.

Egger: Film, as it was intended

America's oldest cinema, at least according to a 2018 KSHB 41 Kansas City story, is located in Ottawa, Kan.

The Plaza Cinema has screened movies for popcorn-eaters since 1907 and you can find that in the Guinness World Records book — the 1907 part, not the popcorn-eaters part. On Thursday, you also could have watched “Avengers” or “Detective Pikachu” there.

The first home televisions came about much later. Stations didn't regularly show movies on television until later than that.

That's just one reason I prefer movies on the big screen — that's what they were originally intended for. Going to a movie theater is an event, an executed plan, if you prefer. There's excitement and a clear reason for you being there.

If you really, truly want to see a film, would you really, truly be willing to wait several months to see it? If a movie can't get you to leave your home, do you really need to see it at all? Probably not.

I also just enjoy the theater experience itself. The picture is large and the sound is loud with a tremendous amount of depth you'd only otherwise achieve through hundreds of dollars in home entertainment purchases.

Finally, I understand movie tickets are running at a pricey level these days. My suggestion to you is to go to matinees or become more selective with your decision of film. Do the proper research and see to it that the movie you choose to view on the big screen is worthwhile.

And, last but not least, there is no substitute for theater popcorn. The grocery store variety will try to tell you its up to par through marketing, but I've never tried one that's come close.

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