Chris Rhoades

Chris Rhoades

My youngest kid is now three years old, which I’ve now determined is probably the most fun age of the developmental years. In his mind, he’s independent enough to live on his own, tough enough to jump off of anything and has developed a curiosity that I think we can all recognize. Below is one of the many daily conversations I have between myself and Maverick, which I hope you’ll relate to and enjoy.

One recent morning, Maverick woke up earlier than normal — he’s usually still fast asleep when I leave for work — and was laying in bed with Mom, watching cartoons. As I came into the bedroom to tell them goodbye, I found myself stuck in quite the intellectual discussion.

Me: Good morning, Maverick.

Mav: Good morning Iron Man! (Quick side note: He’s at the age where everyone has a different name. Currently, we are all Avengers. I’m Iron Man, mom is Captain America, his sister Black Widow, his brother I think is the Hulk? Anyhow, I’m Iron Man, so just go with it.)

Me: What are you going to do today?

Mav: It’s a Mom and Maverick Day.

Me: That sounds fun.

Mav: Yeah, are you going to stay home, too?

Me: No, I have to go to work.

Mav: Why?

Me: Well, because that’s what you do when you’re an adult, you go to work.

Mav: Why?

Me: Because when you go to work, you get money.

Mav: Why do you need money?

Me: Well, that’s how we buy things we need, like food, milk and our house.

Mav: Why?

Me: Well, money is needed because we live in a capitalist country. So, the government doesn’t just give us the things we need, we need to buy them with money that we earn.

Mav: Why?

Me: Well, ultimately, I think we’re a capitalist country because we’re a free country, ruled by democracy, not a dictatorship or socialism.

Mav: Why?

Me: Well, I’m not a history expert, but I think it’s because a long time ago, we were ruled by Great Britain. And the people who lived here weren’t happy with how that was going, so they fought to form their own country.

Mav: Why?

Me: I think the main issue was that they were tired of being taxed by the government, without having any representation or voice within that government. They didn’t like that people clear across the ocean were making the decisions on what was best for the people living here.

Mav: Why?

Me: Well, it just wasn’t fair, so they fought really hard to break away, and form their own country. They succeeded and chose to be a democracy. That’s why our country is now a democracy, and why we are a capitalist society, and why I need to go to work now, so that I can buy you milk and clothes.

Mav: Ok, have a good day, Dad.

Me: You too, Spiderman.

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