Chris Rhoades

Chris Rhoades

Has there been a bigger flop in the world of currency than the idea of the U.S. gold dollar coin? On Easter, my kiddos came in to possession of a few of these gold coins (thanks Aunt Marie!), which I, honestly, had completely forgotten about. But, do you remember how big of a deal it was when they came out? Vending machines had to change their configuration, there was talk of the actual dollar bill going away, etc. In the end, a big “Whomp whomp whomp.” #TerribleIdea

I’m all in favor of paperless billing. But, can we please stop this charade of companies sending out notices saying that they’re going paperless to “help save the environment?” Granted, yes, that’s a terrific ancillary benefit of paperless billing. But, let’s all be honest, businesses do this to save boatloads of money on postage and printing, as well as the fact that it speeds up the entire accounts receivable process. I’m all for getting bills in my in box instead of my mailbox, but don’t try to convince me you’re doing it because you love the environment. #PaperlessBills

Adding on to my previous comment, what I’d love to see some giant corporation do is switch to paperless billing, but then take all of the money they’re saving and donate it to some environmental organization. I’m sure there’s some out there who have done this, but that would really be putting your money where your mouth is. #GreatIdeaByChris

Food delivery service companies are catching on like wildfire, especially in major metro markets across the country. I’m not totally against this idea, and especially for the restaurants, it makes a lot of sense. They use these outside sources instead of maintaining their own delivery service and payroll. But, I always wonder, did these companies arise more out of our general laziness or drunkenness? Because if you’re in a huge metro market, you can’t be that far from your favorite fast food restaurant. Even if you don’t have a car, a train ride, walk or Uber ride would probably be cheaper and faster than these services. So, we’re either drunk or lazy. Probably both, but I just wonder which is more? #FoodDelivery

Speaking of drunk, have you seen the new scooter program in Omaha? Electric scooters are available to rent in certain areas of the city. Helmets are not required, and you cannot ride them on the sidewalks. Yeah, sign me up. I’ll just cruise around the Old Market just hoping some drunk driver doesn’t side swipe me. False, I will not. #ScooterTalk

A California couple was recently awarded $2 billion (yes, billion) in a lawsuit agains Monsanto. The claim was that the weedkiller Roundup was responsible for causing them cancer. If it can be proven, then yes, Monsanto should pay. But $2 billion? I put a very high value on the life of myself and my family, but I’m not sure I can be convinced that anyone’s life situation is worth $2 billion? #Wow

Chris Rhoades is the associate publisher for Enterprise Media Group.

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