Leeanna Ellis

Leeanna Ellis

When you think back on the last decade, it may not seem like all that long ago, but a lot can happen in 10 years.

Only a decade ago, I was working at the Fremont Tribune as a copy editor and designer.

Now, 10 years later, I've been working for Enterprise Media Group for nearly eight years, starting as online editor before working my way to assistant editor and serving as managing editor for the last two years.

For the majority of the 2010s, I have worked for Enterprise Media Group, so it was interesting looking back at the stories that made headlines in the last decade and remembering them all too well.

Novozymes opened its $200 million plant during the same month I started with the newspaper.

Has it really been more than five years since hail pummeled Washington County, damaging nearly every building and destroying vehicles in its path?

More than three years have passed since Omaha Public Power District's Board of Directors voted to decommission the Fort Calhoun Station. That remains an ongoing process.

Construction finally began on the new Washington County Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Center in 2018 after years of delays. By April, the sheriff's office is expected to move into its new facility.

The Blair Public Library and Technology Center opened in 2017 nearly 15 years after initial planning began. The public has shown in record numbers why the community needed a new library.

But there is no story probably bigger than the closure of Dana College after 126 years on the hill in 2010. Next year, will be 10 years since the institution closed, which is still felt in Blair and by alumni across the country.

It's a story, even 10 years later, we continue to cover as changes are made to the landscape of the former campus, houses are erected and plans are made to make the buildings inhabitable once again — though not as a college.

As that 10-year anniversary approaches, the Pilot-Tribune and Enterprise will look back at what led to the closure and where those affected by it have come to be.

A lot can happen in 10 years. Let's see what the decade will bring Washington County.

Leeanna Ellis is the managing editor of the Washington County Pilot-Tribune and Enterprise and the Arlington Citizen.

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