Mason jars

They’re not just for canning fruits, vegetables, salsas or jams anymore.

These days, Mason jars have become a hot decorating item and, with inspiration from magazines and the social network Pinterest, a little imagination can help them become the perfect spring decoration piece for inside and outside the home.

From using them as a vase or candleholder to using ribbon or paint to create centerpieces for parties, Annie Tighe, owner of Tighe It With a Bow in Blair, has seen many different decorating ideas. She believes the nostalgia that comes along with Mason jars have made them a trendy item.

“They provide a familiarity,” she said. “I think people don’t have time to can or do things grandma, or even mom, used to do, but they still enjoy the nostalgia of having them.”

They’re also inexpensive, she said, which makes them great for weddings or school or church group fundraisers. She said most times the jars can be purchased by the case, or even individually, for a low cost.

They can be bought new or secondhand.

“I’ve been to auctions where I’ve gotten cases of them,” she said.

Emily Anderson with Country Gardens-Blair Florist, said an employee at the store just went and purchased some Mason jars to have on hand for people ordering flowers.

“You can buy a whole bunch of flowers, grab an old Mason jar and put them in there and put a burlap bow or raffia on it,” she said.

The trend of reusing, recycling and repurposing items could also be attributed to the increase use of Mason jars to decorate with.

“People are trying to recycle and use what they have,” Anderson said. “Anywhere you can save a few bucks is nice.”

Tighe said, as they were with canning, the jars are meant to be reused.

“That’s another part of their appeal,” she said. “Even if you come across old jars, you can clean them out and buy new lids for them.”

While Pinterest showcases the many uses and decorating ideas for Mason jars, Tighe said she thinks they started making a comeback about five years ago.

“I’d say they are getting more popular now as people realize how easy it is to do something with them,” she said.

The jars, which are made by manufacturers such as Ball, come in a wide range of sizes. Pint and quart seem to be the most popular for drinking glasses or other decorations. Painting them in seasonal and holiday colors has become one of the trends recently.

Tighe said she’s seen some really neat paint treatments used on the jars.

“I’ve seen some with fun pastels and I’ve seen some where they did a mercury glass treatment and that was cool, too,” she said.

Anderson said burlap is also starting to be a popular item to use on the jars, whether it’s glued on like a label or tied on as a ribbon. The lids can also be decorated.

She’s also starting to see people use other types of jars for decorating. For example, a big pickle jar can be decorated with twine or string and used to hold rocks and a candle.

“Mix your stuff with a couple new items and it looks good,” she said.

Jars can also be paired with other decorations, like a wire basket, Anderson said.

With spring decorating in full swing, Tighe said people should keep in mind that even the smallest amount of color can make a difference.

“You don’t have to paint a whole room to get a pop of freshness,” she said. “You can add it in an accent piece, whether that be a small chair or fresh piece of art. I think it’s fun to add pops of color that you can easily switch in and out.”

When it comes to color, Tighe said she hears blue will be among the popular ones.

Anderson said she’s also seeing orange and other bright colors, such as lime, yellow and fuchsia, paired with gray and lavender.

Tighe said she always tells people to use colors they like.

“I’m one of those people who believes that any color that speaks to you works,” she said.

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