Chic wrapping paper

There’s no need to spend your budget on expensive wrapping paper when you can make creative and fun gift wrap with ordinary household materials.

This guide will provide you a few ideas to turn everyday materials into creative packaging that will be sure to wow your friends and loved ones.

Wrapping paper weave

 What you need:

paper sack

butcher paper (or any paper large enough to wrap your gift)


X-ACTO knife

cutting mat

Marking your weave area


1. Cut out the size of wrapping paper you need for your package.

2. Trace an outline where the paper will cover one side of your gift on the inside of the wrapping. You’ve now created a square or rectangular frame for which your weave pattern will fall into.

3. Draw a 1-inch border around the inside of the frame. That will be the longest height and width of your weave pattern.

4. Divide your inner frame into a grid of evenly sized squares. In the photo example, the frame size was 5-by-5 inches and there were 25 1-inch squares inside the grid. 

5. Cut either all the vertical or all the horizontal lines that go across the grid, but not both. You’ve now created one half of your weave.

6. From the paper sack, cut strips that are the same width as each grid square, and 1 inch longer than your widest dimension. Cut as many strips as you need to cover the entire grid. 

You are now ready to start weaving.


1. With your first strip, weave the piece over and under each cut section of wrapping until you get to the other end. 

2. With your second strip, start the piece opposite how you began the first strip. If the first strip began under the wrapping, start this next strip over the wrapping. 

3. Continue to alternate weaving with each additional strip until you reach the end of the grid. 

4. Once your weave is done, go back and make sure all edges of the strips are on the inside of the wrapping. You will have strips that look like they have extra lengths showing, but that is OK. 

5. Take a look at the wrapping from the side that will be showing, and make sure everything is in the right place. 

6. Tape all the strip edges down against the wrapping. You may also tape within the grid to keep everything in place (and prevent anxious gift getters from moving the weave to peek!). 

Follow directions from the beginning to weave other sides of the package, or finish wrapping your newly decorated gift.

Bonus tip: Reuse last year’s wrapping paper and create unique designs by weaving two or more different patterns together.

 Chic wine bottle wrap

What you need:




Bottle Fountain Top

This is a great way to present your gifts of wine on Christmas or champagne on New Year’s Eve. 

1. Using one newspaper page, cut along the fold lines so you have four pieces of equal size. 

2. Stack the sheets on top of each other and roll into a tube the size of a wine bottleneck. 

3. Holding the tube in one hand, cut vertical strips down the roll all the way around, making one-fourth- to 1-inch-wide strips. Leave 2 to 3 inches of the bottom part of the tube uncut.

4. While still loosely holding the paper tube together, place over the bottleneck. Gently pull at the different layers of strips up and in a clockwise direction, and the strips will expand up and out, forming a fountain-like look. 

5. When you have the strips positioned where you want, tape the roll together and secure to the bottle.

6. Using a scissor blade, curl some or all of the strands to add an extra decorative element. 

Wine bottle wrapping

1. Cut six to eight pieces of 11-by-6-inch newspaper. Try wrapping one sheet around the bottle to make sure it covers.

2. Layer the pieces over each other so that you can see the top half-inch or more of each layer. 

3. Slightly turn each layer to produce a zig-zag look.

4. Carefully flip the papers over and tape along both ends to secure them in place.

5. Wrap around the bottle and secure to the bottle with double stick tape.

Bonus tip: Try this with your favorite magazine

pages for a colorful twist.


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