Deck the halls with boughs of holly.

And ribbons.

And snowflakes.

And animal prints?

Some Christmas decorations are starting to go beyond the traditional red and green.

Emily Anderson, floor manager at Country Gardens in Blair, said more natural colors are starting to make their way into the holiday décor.

“If you just start thinking pine cones, natural and as you get more and more natural, it’s like, ‘Oh, yeah,’” Anderson said. “After you see the leopard print, then the animal (ornaments) are big, too.”

Burlap, another natural color and material, is being used in place of ribbons and to make decorations.

What is old is new again

Decorations that are new, but look vintage are finding their way back on Christmas trees.

Ornaments that look like old Christmas cards or blown glass have become popular.

“The vintage things, I don’t notice people looking for them, but they see it and they’re like, ‘I have to have that,’” Anderson said.

Old ornaments can also be made to look new.

“If you have a tote in the basement of old junky Christmas stuff that you don’t want anymore, hit it with some new spray paint,” Anderson said. “Take your red glass ornaments that are old that no one almost doesn’t do any more and just poke those in (to the tree).”

Anderson has used a spray glue — Tack 2000 — for home projects to repurpose old ornaments.

“It’s like a glue that sprays like a spider web and then you hit it with some glitter and it looks like you meant to do that,” Anderson said.

Newer ornaments can also be made to look old with just the hint of glitter.

“It gives you that old vintage look, but it’s new,” Anderson said. “If it’s your stuff, it makes it look cool.”

Other popular items this holiday season include elves, stars, ribbon instead of tinsel and ornaments made with chalkboard material that can have messages written on them.

Freshening up decorations

Many people decorate in themes — snowmen, Santas, reds and greens.

“People always want snowmen,” Anderson said. “I think because they think they can keep it out until March if they want to.”

To freshen up a theme, Anderson recommends adding newer elements. If it’s snowmen, add snowflakes.

“If all you have is gold hooks on your tree, but you’re wanting to incorporate silver because everyone has silver, then ‘gilver’ is a good way to go because it can mix your metals,” Anderson said.

“Gilver” is a mix of gold and silver.

Adding a new color to existing decorations can also help.

“If you’re wanting to do bright colors just stick with maybe like a forest green and add lime green to it,” Anderson said. “Lime green makes anything look newer and more fun even if it’s your traditional red and green with the old ornaments your kids or your grandma made, or whoever. Just adding a touch of lime green or if you want to go more woodsy, add a few gold and brown ornaments or twigs from outside.”

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