Holy moly and a chorus of guacamole.

That was Robin Komasinski's call-and-response to get the attention of campers after they finished up their clay-creation day during "build and create" week at Blair YMCA's youth summer camp.

"It can be an animal, an insect, whatever their minds can come up with," Komasinski said of the campers' clay creations.

Komasinski, the YMCA's child care manager, said the week is just one out of the many during a summer camp that the YMCA is hoping taps into creativity.

"Most of the themes that were chosen for the summer were to spark their imagination," she said.

Dragons, centipedes, unicorns and a happy, smiling Harry Potter book were just a few of the clay ideas kids came up with on Tuesday. A day prior, campers built sand structures and they also planned to build balloon towers.

With each creation, camp counselors and Komasinski ask questions about campers' works, having them explain what each is. As campers talked Tuesday, many named their bugs, reptiles and other anthropomorphic creations while discussing them.

"I could look at one of their creations and assume what it is, but it's good to see what they had in mind," Komasinski said.

She added that the YMCA wanted to have a creative theme for the summer to help campers unlock their imagination in a fun way that they might not always get to otherwise.

"I think so many of the things they do is pre-prepared for them, for lack of a better word, so it's very important to let them find the creativity that's in them," she said.

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