Samuel Chatham

Samuel Chatham

Blair police arrested a La Vista man for allegedly stalking a woman and child enticement Feb. 18.

Samuel M. Chatham, 40, is charged with child enticement, a Class 3A felony; third-degree domestic assault, a Class 1 misdemeanor; stalking, a Class 1 misdemeanor; and second-degree criminal trespassing, a Class 2 misdemeanor.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Tuesday in Washington County Court. His bond is set at $20,000.

According to an arrest affidavit, a woman reported Chatham began harassing her in December after she ended a relationship with him. He reportedly showed up at her place of work and her home.

On Jan. 10, Chatham texted the woman to get a guitar back from her residence. He then began beating on the door. The woman found the guitar and was attempting to unlock the door when Chatham pushed on the door with such force that it broke the door frame. The woman used the guitar to push him back out of the house.

Chatham told the woman he was watching the house and her. The woman told police since the incident she had seen Chatham drive by her house nearly every day.

On Feb. 17, the woman received a phone call from Blair Community Schools indicating her son had not been riding the us as often. The woman asked her son and found out Chatham had been giving her son rides to school several days a week for a few weeks and telling the boy not to tell his mom. He also gave him a box of candy to get him into the car.

Chatham has no legal guardianship of the boy.

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