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Washington County Chief Deputy Kevin Willis, left, and Sheriff Mike Robinson, right, stand with Maggie Meyer, who has brought donuts to the department weekly for around four months.

During a challenging time in the world and in law enforcement, a teenager from Herman is bringing weekly cheer to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Once a week, Maggie Meyer brings donuts from Jim and Connie’s Blair Bakery to the deputies.

“I’ve done it every week for the past four months (since COVID-19 started),” Maggie said. “My mom worked in corrections and my dad is fire chief in Herman. I know a few of the deputies really well and I thought it was nice to support them.”

The deputies are appreciative.  

“With what's going on with the world with anti-law enforcement, it's a nice feeling especially when it's someone young like her,” Sheriff Mike Robinson said. “She’s willing to pay with her chore money to do this. Knowing Maggie like we do, this is in her character and she's a super, young person.”

Maggie’s mom, Jenny, said Maggie has ADHD and Deputy Nikki Kruse has taken Maggie under her wing.

It all started when Maggie gave Kruse a donut keychain.

“Everyone on the department has watched Maggie grow up,” Jenny said. “She's always been supportive of them even before all this started.”

Jenny said she gets text messages from some saying, ”Tell your daughter we love her.”

“They’ve always been good with her and understanding of her situation,” Jenny said. “They’ve kind of become her family. We see all the negativity in the world, and we need to bring a little positivity.”

Maggie plans to continue her weekly donut delivery.

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