A Herman Village Board of Trustees member said he plans to file assault charges after he was punched following a budget hearing Tuesday night.

The fight started immediately after a tumultuous meeting at Village Hall in which residents flung insults and accusations at each other and the board members. The tiny one-room building was standing-room only for the meeting.

When the meeting adjourned and residents started to file outside, a fight started outside of the door. Rod Kellogg, husband of Village Clerk Vicky Kellogg, punched board member Shaun Swan in the face, which bloodied his nose. Vicky Kellogg pulled her husband off of Swan, and they left. It was unclear if Kellogg was injured.

Swan told the Enterprise he plans to file assault charges against Rod as well as Ron Hoffman, although Hoffman did not allegedly strike Swan.

A witness called the Washington County Sheriff's Office immediately afterward. Deputies Greg Corns and Don Morgan arrived and took statements from witnesses and Swan. The Enterprise consented to providing a statement and a copy of the video to the sheriff's office.

Corns said at the scene that it was unclear what took place, including who instigated the fight. They plan to review video footage.

Swan is scheduled to appear in Washington County District Court Wednesday afternoon for a temporary injunction hearing. Swan is suing Hoffman, the Village of Herman and Merry Truhlsen, in her capacity as county clerk, to stop a recall election. Hoffman started a petition to recall Swan; ballots are scheduled to be mailed this week.

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