Arbor dance grade 4

Octupi fly during “Under the Sea” as fourth grade students rotate, wriggle and shake huge colorful parachutes.

Combining PE, music and dance movement has been an Arbor Park tradition for many years, but what the students demonstrated last week was not their parents' dance unit. 

Arbor dance grade 5 Fri

Emmett McIntosh, left, Ava Meads and Hayden Olsen juggle scarves during 1812 Overture performance.

On Wednesday through Friday, parents watched their sons and daughters perform traditional square, line and couples dancing.  But they also observed the students dribble basketballs, twirl parachutes and launch octopi and colored balls to the rhythms of “Under the Sea” and “The 1812 Overture.”

Arbor Park PE teacher Taylor Jensen said that he and music teachers Kay Dickinson and Janelle Jaworski wanted to “mix it up” combining equipment and movement in addition to traditional folk, couple and line dances. 

"Having the ability to do this here in Blair is awesome,” Jensen said.

He said other  schools  are taking a look at what Arbor Park is doing and replicating it.

Jensen has been teaching in Blair for three years, but the dance unit has been taught in Blair for more than 40 years. 

"This is something that I realize has been special to the community and something that we want to continue,” Jensen said.

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