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Mary Lou Beckman, a COVID-19 survivor, is turning 90 on Monday. She is a resident of Carter Place.

Mary Lou Beckman has lived nearly nine decades and at the end of her eighth decade she found herself hospitalized with a disease she never expected — the coronavirus. Hospitalized twice, she said she was lucky.

“I only had an elevated temperature for a few days, not much appetite, but I was fortunate to not have to go on a ventilator,” she said. “I’m very thankful things went that way for me.”

As she celebrates her 90th birthday Monday, Beckman said she hopes she can continue to live in as good of health as she does.

“The Lord only knows what’s coming,” she said. “I prayed and stayed hopeful and that helped while in the hospital.”

While Beckman won’t have the opportunity to celebrate with her family in the way they planned, the family plans to provide a cake for Beckman to share with the residents at Carter Place. Her family is also having a card shower to celebrate.

Beckman played piano for more than 30 years at St. Francis Borgia Catholic Church. When she retired from church playing, she played on and off at Crowell Home and Good Shepherd Lutheran Community. She played for the Friendship Singers for four or five years, and now she plays at Carter Place.

“I made good on my piano lessons,” she said.

Beckman and her husband had five children.

“I had a wonderful, supporting husband,” she said. “I was thankful I could stay home with the kids.”

When she wasn’t staying home with her children over the years, Beckman worked as a nurse.

She grew up in Neola, Iowa.

Mary Lou’s daughter, Joanne, said her mom making it to her 90th birthday is a miracle.

“She was practically symptom free the entire time she was hospitalized for the virus,” she said. “It was nothing short of a miracle. I don’t know if it was a lot of prayers or what.”

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