Alex Scheffler

Alex Scheffler

A Blair man was arrested Saturday on a warrant following a disturbance at his family's house Feb. 11.

Alex Scheffler, 29, is charged with attempted assault on an officer, a Class 4 felony; resisting arrest, a Class 1 misdemeanor; and disturbing the peace, a Class 3 misdemeanor.

According to an arrest affidavit filed in Washington County Court, Blair police were called at approximately 4:18 p.m. to a home in the 600 block of North Third Street for a disturbance in progress.

When the officers arrived, family members told police Scheffler was inside the house and he was belligerent.

After seeing police, Scheffler ran outside through a back patio door. An officer spotted him running west toward the Blair Cemetery. The officer ran after him and yelled at him to get on the ground. Scheffler didn't comply. Instead, he walked back toward the front of the residences and out of the officer's sight.

As the officer followed, he found Scheffler's brother wrestling with him and brought him to the ground. Officers then tried to gain control of him. While wrestling with Scheffler, he attempted to bite an officer's hand. Officers tased Scheffler and were able to handcuff him.

During a follow-up investigation, family members told police Scheffler purchased alcohol after a court hearing and began drinking. While holding a knife he said “this knife is very sharp.”

Family members were concerned he would hurt someone or himself and called 911. Scheffler became angry when he learned this.

After he was transported to the Washington County Jail, Scheffler was transported to Memorial Community Hospital and Health System for a medical evaluation. While there, he became aggressive and combative. He hit one officer in the face with his handcuffs and also spit at one of the healthcare professionals.

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