Four-year-old Cashdyn Saunders would be watching out his window whenever Valley Corporation crew members were working on Park Street near Lions Park in Blair.

"We'd always see him waving out of the window," said Ben Scheer, one of the crew members completing sewer work for the city.

Sondra Godfrey, Cashdyn's mom, said his day was always made whenever the "construction guys" talked to him.

Looking out the window as they approached, Cashdyn's Monday was made when the Valley Corp. construction guys stopped by his house to deliver several construction vehicle toys and other gifts.

"You brought the whole crew," Godfrey said as she opened her door to invite Scheer, Tim Beaver, Kevin Brown, Jeremy Boyce, Malachi McGee and Darren Elliott inside.


Cashdyn Saunders of Blair plays with construction toys with Valley Corp. crew member Ben Scheer on Monday. Several Valley Corp. crew members surprised Cashdyn with toys, a t-shirt and other construction related gifts after interacting with him while completing a sewer project for the City of Blair near Lions Park.

The crew members came with toy vehicles like a dump truck and excavator, which Cashdyn quickly opened. They also brought T-shirts for him and his two older sisters, Maycee and Preslee.

After Godfrey emailed Valley Corporation in October to tell the company how nice the crew members were to Cashdyn and her daughters, such as safely helping them across the construction area to Lions Park, Vice President Al Hageman contacted construction manufacturers Volvo and Komatsu. The three companies donated the toy vehicles for Cashdyn.

"We escorted them down there to the park, and she wrote a really nice email," Beaver said.

"Just making sure they're safe, that's the most important thing," Elliott said.

Godfrey said she and Cashdyn are appreciative of the gifts and the Valley Corporation crew was “awesome” to all of her kids.

"They cared enough to stop what they were doing and made sure they were safe," she said.

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