Lauren Schultz, left, who helps post on social media and make coffee for Cherry Hill Church, stands with Pastor Kevin Schultz in the coffee area of the church in Fort Calhoun.

Pastor Kevin Schultz said Cherry Hill Church of Fort Calhoun has seen about 85 people at Sunday services through December, which exceeded his expectations.

"You know word gets out with Facebook and everything, and we've been having a lot of people coming and checking us out on Sundays," he said. "We've been very excited about how things have been going so far."

Schultz said he was also excited for the turn out at the church's grand opening New Year's Eve party, which essentially kicked off the church having a community coffee shop open Monday through Saturday in addition to Sunday services.

"Our core value is to be a place to find rest in Jesus Christ," Schultz said. "The coffee shop is part of that. You can come in have lunch, sit down and relax. If you want to buy something you can, if not, that's fine too."

The church, located in a renovated building at 105 14th St., will open at 6 a.m. each day Monday through Saturday, serving regular coffee and a few speciality caffeine drinks.


The worship and coffee shop area of Cherry Hill Church in Fort Calhoun. The church renovated the inside of a building on 105 14th St. in November that used to be the store front for Big Green Tomato. Pastor Kevin Schultz said chairs and tables are set out each Sunday for worshippers and people can stop in anytime during the week to relax.

The church will also host groups such as for men, women and youth. Schultz said starting Wednesday, there will be a high school hangout night. Thursday morning, he said, had had men's groups coming in.

On Sundays, Schultz said services are led in a panel style by pastors Chuck Larsen, Chuck Larsen III and Schultz. He said the overall goal for services and the community coffee house is to relax, build community and let people know what God does for them.

"As a church, we believe you got to build relationships with people, and that happens throughout the week, not just Sunday," Schultz said.

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