Many people took advantage of the coronavirus pandemic forcing time at home to clear out their houses of extra things they didn't need. 

This weekend, residents in Fort Calhoun had the chance to sell some of their wares at the annual Fort Calhoun citywide garage sales.

The original date was postponed due to COVID-19, but there was no shortage of people who shopped from yards to parking lots on Friday and Saturday.

garage sales

The Therkildsen family creatively advertised for their garage sale in Fort Calhoun.

Sarah Tinkham opened her garage for people to shop and said she wasn't nervous. 

"The house needed to be cleaned out," she said. "We had hand sanitizer and some people wore masks. We didn't come close to having 25 people at a time." 

A Three Rivers Public Health Department main requirement for safety related to COVID-19 is no more than 25 people can gather at an individual sale and shoppers and sellers should practice social distancing.

Marisa Treviso and her son, Johann, took the time to shop wearing their masks. 

"I'm not nervous about shopping while wearing a mask," Marisa said.

garage sales

Marisa Treviso (back) and her son, Johann, check out one of the garage sales during the Fort Calhoun community garage sales Saturday.

Lisa Therkildsen had a multi-family garage sale. She said Friday sales were crowded, but not too crowded with maybe 10 percent of the visitors wearing masks while shopping. 

To make sure people felt better shopping during the pandemic, Therkildsen said they tried to make the spacing of tables bigger. 

"We didn't have it in the smaller garage to make more room," she said.

Therkildsen said she heard a few times that people had been cooped up and wanted to be out.

"Or people knew people were cleaning things out and thought the sales would be good," she said.

Lynn Knight took time to shop at Nikki's Dance Studio's fundraiser for their dancers to go perform at the Macy's Day Parade in November. 

"I wear my mask and sanitize my hands as soon as I get back in the car," she said. "You just have to be cautious."

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