Water and sewer rate increase

The Village Board of Trustees are proposing raising water and sewer rates.

The Arlington Village Board of Trustees considered a $3 rate increase for the water and sewer rates during its regular meeting Monday.

Chairman Paul Krause told the board that he and trustee Travis Kraemer reviewed the reports on the rate survey.

"We are suggesting an increase on the water and sewer base rate and are suggesting leaving the usage rates alone," Krause said. "We can phase that in or do it all at once."

Krause said the village is going to have to increase the sewer fees because of the sewer line used to transport to Fremont.

"Fremont raised their rates they charge us and our expenses have slowly been creeping up to the point that we are not charging enough to pay all of our water and sewer bills," Krause said.

Krause said he knows it's not a good time.

"It's a terrible time to be talking about it," he said. "We have to make an increase and have been dragging our feet with everything that has been going on."

Krause said last month's water billing was a little on the light side and people will see the difference in this month's bill.

"Our suggestion is to put a $3 rate increase on each portion that would get us back to point where will be ahead in paying some of our bills," he said. "We would like to reinvest part of that into some more work at trying to find water infiltration and slow down the amount of waste water that we send to Fremont."

Krause told the board they should start looking at smaller percentage increases annually, instead of having to do this every five or 10 years until some large projects are paid off.

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