Sugar Shack

Lacey Bosshart is the first customer to purchase a box of goodies at the Back Alley Sugar Shack Cakery opened by Cheryl Abbott on Saturday.

Tucked behind The BARn Establishment Inc. and Roots to Wings is the answer to the weekend sweet tooth cravings — Back Alley Sugar Shack Cakery, owned by Cheryl Abbott.

“We are trying to make it a destination corner, with all of us working together,” she said. “I’m trying to not step on anyone's toes.”

Abbott opened the shack last Saturday with a selection of cupcakes, bunt cakes and muffins.

“It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time,” she said.

Abbott has found a lot of support, with several customers coming to the opening, buying 20 of the 22 boxes available.

“I was blown away at the people that showed up,” she said. “Some of the people that commented online like friends from Omaha said they'd make a road trip. People have been over the top supportive.”

In addition to baked goods, there will be bakery-themed items such as potholders, aprons and dishtowels for purchase made by Shannon Foust from Individualz Ideaz.

Abbott has been creating wedding cakes for 12 years and is a cottage industry. She plans to step it up when she can get access to a licensed kitchen in order to be able to have things sold by a third party.

Sugar Shack

Cheryl Abbott opened the Back Alley Sugar Shack Cakery behind The BARn Establishment Inc. restaurant on Saturday.

“With the coronavirus pandemic, and not having the volume of weddings I normally do, I needed to create more business for myself instead of waiting for people to order the cakes,” she said. “I had to step out of my comfort zone.”

At the beginning of the pandemic, Abbott offered cupcakes for delivery with one going to the purchaser and another delivered to whoever the purchaser wanted.

"It went over well," she said. "It was my push to step out and do something a little different every weekend. It kept people following and interested."

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