Arlington June 16 storm damage

An Arlington resident unloads tree branches onto the large pile already in the parkinglot at Bell Creek Park on Monday in Arlington. Numerous trees and tree branches came down during a storm Friday night.

Arlington residents were still cleaning up Monday following a severe thunderstorm Friday night that caused substantial tree damage and a power outage across the village.

There were no reports of any injuries in Arlington.

Several trees had fallen and large branches came down on power lines and across streets during the storm, which had hurricane-force winds between 85 and 90 mph. The National Weather Service (NWS) reported 110 mph winds in Fremont.

Fourth, Fifth and part of Eagle streets were blocked by fallen trees within the village. County Road 9 north of Arlington was also blocked after a large tree branch fell across the road.

Village Board of Trustees member Jason Wiese said there was a coordinated effort among emergency manager Dana Douglas, Washington County sheriff's deputies and village residents to clear the streets.

“We had a lot of volunteers and a lot of upstanding citizens help,” Chairman Paul Krause said. “And we greatly appreciate it.”

Arlington June 16 storm damage

A headstone at the Arlington Cemetery was damaged during a severe thunderstorm Friday in Arlington. At least two to three stones were damaged and several trees fell at the cemetery.

The Arlington Cemetery also suffered damage during the storm. At least three tombstones were damaged, including one that was toppled over. The cemetery's brick directory also tipped over. It was not anchored to the concrete.

Streets and Parks Commissioner Ryan Bosshart said he planned to start clearing the village's parks of damaged trees and branches Tuesday, June 20.

Arlington June 16 storm damage

A tree in the Arlington Village Park is split following a severe thunderstorm Friday. The storm caused a swath of damage from Norfolk to Bellevue.

The board approved allowing Bosshart to hire a semi to remove the trees from the dump site.

Arlington received between 1 and 1.5 inches of rain, which caused some flooding in the backyards of homes along Cady Drive.

Tree debris can be dropped off at a dump site in the parking lot of the Bell Creek Park. A large pile had already accumulated there by Monday. The tree dump site will remain open until dusk Sunday.

The NWS received widespread reports of damage in eastern Nebraska and western Iowa following the storm, which produced six tornados.

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